Hulhudhuffaaru of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll was an uninhabited island a few years ago. The reason for the island's relocation was difficulty going in and out of both Ungula and Gaaundoodhoo island and there was no future for the two islands.


Located in Raa atoll, is a small aubergine-shaped island called Hulhudhuffaaru. There lived Maryam, who was brilliant at “Fangiviyun”. It’s a form of Maldivian craftsmanship the women of the island are highly skilled at. She had a best friend named Amina who she grew up with like two peas in a pod. However, she never visits her at night because Amina begged her not to. Thus, Maryam leaves her alone every night. One night, her sister urged her to come to her house immediately. Puzzled, she dashed through the pathways lined up by majestic palm trees to her sister’s house where she was left in agony. There, her uncle was weeping hysterically over Maryam’s lifeless aunt who was brutally harmed. Maryam’s sister explained that their aunt left the house after a family argument. Moments later, there was a deafening scream and the alarmed uncle rushed outside only to find the aunt killed on the “thundi” (an area of sand often at the very end of an island). In great grief, the whole family mourned all night. Weeks later, the uncle was also killed and found on the thundi. Since Maryam knew her family is being targeted, she’s determined to catch the murderer. The following night, she went outside in disguise towards the thundi, where she expected her murderer to appear. However, she saw a horrendous creature emerging out of an ancient well and bolting towards Maryam to attack her. Instantly she knew who the killer was. She furiously caught the creature by its throat and removed her disguise. Seeing her, the monster was heartbroken. Maryam demanded it to change into its human form and lo and behold! The handi turned out to be Amina. Enraged, Maryam started chanting a spell which made Amina’s body to vaporize and eventually… she was gone. (Note: this story is fictional, but the thundi, the pathways with trees lining them and the ancient well in the story exist in the island) (It is true that the women in Hulhudhuffaaru are experts at “Fangiviyun”)

DID YOU KNOW?  There was lots of unrest between the people of Hulhudhuffaaru and the people who sought shelter in Hulhudhuffaaru from other islands after the 2004 tsunami.  There is a tomb of a respected person in Hulhudhuffaaru. Nothing is known about him  Although the island was officially declared as an inhabited island in 1995, evidences show people lived there before.

Written by: Aishath Hanan Mohamed Asif from Coding and Critical Thinking - senior

Hulhudhuffaaru of North Maalhosmadulu Atoll was an uninhabited island a few years ago. The reason for the island's relocation was difficulty going in and out of both Ungula and Gaaundoodhoo island and there was no future for the two islands. Thus, the government aim to provide a better life for the people of the two islands. Hulhudhuffaaru is a populous island in Raa Atoll.

On March 13, 1995, the government announced that Hulhudhuffaaru was an inhabited island in addition, Ungula and Gaaundoodhoo were considered as uninhabited islands. Hulhudhuffaaru is the fifth inhabited island in the atoll. However, the number given to Hulhudhuffaaru from Raa Atoll is 18. Since the island was under the power of STO, it was a rule to plant Malaysian palm trees. As a result, most of the roads in the island have palm trees on both sides of the road.
With the hard work of the island's women, the islands habour and roads are clean and widely regarded as a clean island for guests. As the island is a new inhabited island, roads are seen as one road which makes the island even more beautiful. Hulhudhuffaaru was home to a large number of people in the early days as there are evidence of human remains are found in different part of the land, graveyard and remains of a mosque.

Hulhudhuffaaru is a pleasant island with normal fresh water. It is easy to grow plants in the island. Falamadi products, fruits and vegetables are available from the island.

The highest priority of the people of Hulhudhuffaaru is to strengthen the education system, provide quality education to children, and provide good health to the people. Higher education is carried out in the island, while students studying abroad are achieving good results from outside the island. As a result, the number of people visiting the health centre in the northern atolls is high. Moreover, people are getting services from the pharmacy women's committee opened.
A generator of 40 kg of electricity was generated in the island for 12 hours when people started living in the island. but now, electricity is generated for 24 hours and 24 hours of health services are provided.
In addition to employment, construction work, boat building, carpentry and thatch weaving is carried out by enthusiastic and hardworking islanders. People of the island who loves peace and harmony that does not discriminate between two islands.

Details of a famous person from the island.

Abdul Raheem Hassan is the son of Hassan Ali and Hawwa Yusuf born in January 1, 1927. He is 94 years. At the age of 21 he started working and served for 30 years as Chief. He first worked in Ungulu as island Chief before people were transferred to hulhudhuffaaru from Ungulu and Gaundudhoo. He also worked as a Chief in the island's housing unit when the people of Ungula and Gaaududhoo were relocated to Hulhudhuffaaru. Abdul Raheem Hassan served as an assistant at the Raa Atoll Office for more than six years and retired at the age of 65. Abdul Raheem Hassan is a loyal man who worked closely with the people during his tenure.