There are an‌‌ accurate number of 1191 coral islands in this country. Out of that the most eastern tip of the country k.‌‌ Dhiffushi is known to be the first island on which we get to see the initial twilight of every sunrise.‌‌


Appearance: • Dhiffushi is similar to an oval shape, which has been flattened from the top. • At the bottom there is a square like shape which is the harbor. • I can see there’s a lot of green trees around the island.

Location and size: • The island is 36.99 km (23 mi; 20 nmi) northeast of the country's capital, Male. • Dhiffushi is 0.95 km (0.59 mi) in length and just 0.2 km (0.12 mi) wide, with a total land area of 22.3 ha (55 acres). • It is located next to Meerufenfushi. Dhiffushi is the most eastern inhabited island in the Maldives and hence the island witness’s sunrise first in the country.

Interesting information: • Transportation with the island is usually by walking and also using bicycle. • Dhiffushi has a separate beach for the tourist which is known as “Bikini Beach‌‌.

Trade: • Lot of tourists come for island hopping and experience island life and buy local products. • There are 18 guest houses in which brings income to the island through local tourism.

Best days to visit Dhiffushi: • The best days to visit Dhiffushi is during the sunniest days of the year. • It is best to visit Dhiffushi during December-April since it is the sunniest days in Dhiffushi.

Written By: Sofiya Sunan Shakir from Coding and Critical Thinking - Junior

The golden necklace in the Indian ocean is known and famous for its silver beaches and their‌‌underwater beauty. The tropical islands could be described as green purls of the country. There are an‌‌ accurate number of 1191 coral islands in this country. Out of that the most eastern tip of the country k.‌‌ Dhiffushi is known to be the first island on which we get to see the initial twilight of every sunrise.‌‌ K. Dhiffushi is a small island located in the north of male Atoll accompanied by Meeru island‌‌ resort where you could see the twin islands from a faraway view.‌‌The 4th president of Republic of Maldives Mr. Mohamed Nasheed brought us a new opportunity‌‌where even a normal household can also avail foreign currencies which we call as Local tourism. This has‌‌created a new foreign currency injector of the economy which has been established in the year 2009. It‌‌took no time to reach this economic boom by the residents of k. Dhiffushi. Hence k. Dhiffushi also got‌‌the enormous chance to feed the chicken with golden eggs, which was the phrase prescribed by our‌‌beloved former president Mr. Maumoon Abdhul Gahyoom to describe the tourism industry of Maldives.‌‌The 22.30 hectares island have two mosques indicating the religion of the country as 100 percent‌‌Muslim. They also have a hospital and a government school with 280 students studying from lower‌‌kindergarten to Grade 10. Currently there are 3 local cafes which operate from morning 6am until 11pm,‌‌7 local shops, and a few restaurants serving international menus open from morning 11 am till 11:45‌‌pm. About a dozen of guesthouses are in operation ever since local islands are opened up for guest‌‌house business. Many new boutiques and island style tourist accommodations are under construction in‌‌the island. There is a local soccer club and a soccer field on this small island. Unfortunately, The island‌‌doesn't have a police station due to the extremely low crime rate and the peacefulness of the islanders.‌‌However, the island council and the community ensures safety and security of visitors and the‌‌community vividly.‌‌Dhiffushi is one of the leading islands in the Local Guesthouse industry in the Maldives. The island‌‌ is famous for its hospitality and friendliness of the people while there are a variety of guesthouses run‌‌by locals along with a few guest shops opened up for business.‌‌Henceforth Dhiffushi is one of the best islands for a getaway for the tourist with low budget as the‌‌island is 40 minutes away from the Ibrahim Nasir international airport via speed boat ! Daily schedule‌‌transfers are available every day by two speed ferries.

Details of a famous person from the island.

Ahmed Rizvaan, Famous Footballer

Ahmed Rizuvan (born 4 June 1995), nicknamed "Rizey", The second youngest child of Rasheedh and Wazeeha from Pentland k. Dhiffushi, is a Maldivian footballer who is currently playing for Club Eagles. He plays as a striker in Club eagles and in Maldivian National football team. Rizvan made his debut in aninternational friendly against Bangladesh on 1 September 2016, in which he replaced Ali Fasir in the 58th minute. Maldives went on to win the game by 5-0 at the National Football Stadium. He played for under 19 National football team and scored a goal against Afghanistan in AFC u19 championship qualifier. In 2016 He was awarded for the most promising player of the year. He also has reached a Guinness world record level of scoring triple hat tricks in a raw consecutively. He also was awarded for the top scorer of dhiraagu dhivehi league.